Monday, April 11, 2011

Sparrow Tattoos Designs and Meaning

Sparrow tattoo is often confused with the swallow tattoo or maybe they are one in same, so beware about it if you wan get a "real" sparrow tattoo. Here we will talk about the real sparrow tattoo, a rare tattoo of bird. The sparrow tattoo symbolizes truth love and freedom, and whatever you think.


You can always find a host of sparrows around your house or anywhere, they are the friendly and bravely bird that live with human beings. So, a sparrow tattoo may be memories of your childhood with you parents or grandparents.

Sparrow Tattoos Sparrow Tattoos

Love's Tattoo

Sparrows mate for life, therefore the tattoo of sparrow symbolizes truth love or something about love. You can get a sparrow tattoo with a banner on beak, the banner can be the name of your lover.

Sparrow Tattoos Sparrow Tattoos

Tattoo of Freedom

Normally all of the birds tattoos can be associated with freedom, a singing bird tattoo can be interpreted as happiness, freedom or free to do whatever you like. The volation of bird also is the symbolism of freedom which mean you can "fly" to anywhere that you like.

Sparrow Tattoos Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow Sketching Pictures

Sparrow Pictures Sparrow Pictures